Our Mission

To facilitate and inspire biblical generosity and stewardship.


Simplify giving for donors and connect them with ministries who are sharing the love and compassion of Christ.


LIVES CHANGED and COMMUNITIES TRANSFORMED through CHRIST’S LOVE. We understand the responsibility that comes with deploying resources to have a maximum impact. Our board of trustees are proven local leaders with years of experience in helping donors utilize the resources entrusted to them.


Our combined efforts can truly transform Northwest Ohio to ignite a movement of biblical generosity and stewardship. It can be difficult, for a single individual or single organization to make a huge impact, but together the One Voice Foundation is partnering with generous, like-minded contributors in an effort to cultivate a network that connects givers with entities that are already active in our communities.


With The One Voice Foundation we have created a service that makes it incredibly easy for you, your family, your business, and even your employees and associates to donate to organizations and causes that are important to you and important to the continued development and revitalization of the greater Northwest Ohio community.

Our Board of Directors

Bob Borcherdt

Al Caperna

Chad Gilligan

Darren Munn, President

Laura Walker, Secretary

Jonathan Perry

Joel Schutte, Treasurer

Dan Rogers

Alia Wolaver, Executive Director